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Hedronics metal armchair


This armchair, by the renowned German architect Daniel Dendra, lecturer at Bauhaus in Dessau, was specifically designed for the week of Russian design - the Sretenka Design Week.

The underlying shape of the armchair is a polyhedron. Similar to origami, the Hedronics armchair is made from a single sheet of metal, and embodies the harmony of rigorous mathematical geometric shapes. The chair can be made from a single sheet of metal or a sheet with decorative perforations. The perforated armchair weighs a bit less and looks as if it is filled with air bubbles. This option is called a Hedronics sparking chair. The chair can be painted in any color on the RAL scale.

A striking example of effective cooperation between foreign designers and Russian producers - this Hedronics armchair should become the perfect complement to lounge areas of public interiors, creative workshops, restaurant verandas, and avant-garde private interiors.