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FOREST Rack-shelf


The stylish FOREST rack-shelf, made of natural materials, will become an original decoration of any modern home, especially if its owners follow interior fashion trends. The trunk of this “tree” – is a bookshelf made of natural pine. The bright colors of enamel on the backing of the shelves emphasize the elegant wood grain patterns. The “branches” of the rack are where you can store books, CDs and other favorite small knickknacks.

The relevance in modern life of this simple and stylish FOREST shelf was noted by the organizers of the prestigious exhibitions Salone Satellite 2009 during the ISaloni WorldWide in Moscow, 3 F FAIR 2009 in China, as well as MEBEL-2007, where FOREST shelf won an award in the Best Design category.

The unusual FOREST shelf by NAYADA will become a real decoration for any home or office.

Autor Anna Smurigina