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The cell-za-table


The uniqueness of this table lies in both in its sleekness and versatility. This multi-functional table with steady supports stands out with the unusual shape of its countertop - a hexagon, each face of which represents a seating place. The design of the table allows it to complement any room, regardless of the geometry of the walls. The table is just a little over one meter in diameter, so this table will fit easily into even a small room. If you need the maximum space for interviews or creative work, you can dock a few tables together - and thanks to the shape of the countertops, such combinations provide large working surfaces.

Especially worth mentioning are the unusual table supports. Their shape comes out of due concern given to ergonomics. The number of legs has been reduced to a minimum - to provide support while not disturbing the people sitting at the table. Each of us knows the feeling of discomfort when tripping our feet on table legs - immediately feeling some tightness of space. This never happens when sitting at the cell-za-table. Three legs and the tabletop are easily transported in narrow packaging, and can be assembled in seconds - just attach the countertop using three tie connectors.

A wide range of finishing emphasizes the multifaceted image of this table: conceptual local colors, such as white, green, and orange - emphasize the novelty and modernity of the shapes, while at the same time, the table, with its veneer finishing, inclines towards the minimalist and art deco styles. A rich palette of colors allows this desk to complement any interior - it can easily be placed in a small kitchen or a teenager's bedroom, it fits perfectly into offices, lounges, and shopping centers. The cell-za-table assists you in effectively negotiating, communicating with friends in a summer cafe, or at home with relatives.

The prototype of the table was presented at the Salone Satellite during the ISaloni WorldWide in Moscow in 2010, attracting wide public attention.