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Office systems from NAYADA

The Pigreco collection is the result of a quest to make things as simple as possible, to put it in mathematical language – seeking to achieve the minimum value, almost the archetype of the writing desk. And all this – in contrast to a trend of minimalism, without losing individuality and originality, and regardless of universal recognition – occurs through a process of gradual exclusivity.


This collection combines the characteristics of purism and style of free forms: the orthogonal configuration is smoothed out with curved sections.


The prototype for the shape of the desk became a snowboard. The desk has an effective edge – a re-invented edge. This is an arc of a large radius with a smooth slope towards the body, creating maximum comfort in the contact zone.


Classic, modernity and technology – these are the three key words that characterize the TOUCH collection.


The desk serves as the main product of the GEMSTONE. The collection aims to explore the complex relationship between nature and design, as well as to achieve a balance between harmony and functionality.

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In the traditional sense, the office of the executive must have a noble "cold" color, be elegant, stylish and impress people.

Today's realities require that the office furniture of the executive reflect the classic examples, look modern, and be unconventional in character and mood. All these requirements are entirely met by the products of the NAYADA Company. Solid, with high-quality texture and concise rectilinear geometry, the furniture in graphic style of NAYADA emphasizes the dignity and seriousness of the office atmosphere, leadership and success of its owner.

The main feature of this furniture is its exclusive designs, expressed as specific stylistic solutions. Absolutely all the office furniture for executives, which our company offers, demonstrates the new design guidelines – "airy" monumentality and dynamism, where the form and architectonics of every detail are significant to the overall style. Respectable and unique in their sphere, NAYADA products have become the choice of those who care about their image, value quality and individuality in everything.