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Modern partitions NAYADA in the interior of the factory "ROSHEN".

19 / 05 / 2020

Company Nayada took part in the reconstruction of the second phase of the Kiev Roshen factory.

"Roshen" is one of the leading Ukrainian confectionery factories.

The project was developed by the Kyiv architectural and design team of BURØ professionals. The architects faced the task of creating a modern interior, maximally preserving the openness of the space.

A lot of glass and metal, brick and plastic were used for decoration of the office areas of the factory, and the accent in the zoning of the space is an unusual design of partitions NAYADA-Twin.

The project is so much for its employees that Open Space even provides autonomous humidification.

Nayada-Twin partitions with Slim doors and the Hufcor G3000 glass sliding partition are a perfect representation of this beautiful project.

NAYADA-Twin acoustic glass partition profiles and modern Slim doors fully support the interior design concept.

The workstations are decorated with contrasting colours: the combination of light, bronze-brown and grey looks as stylish and conceptual as possible.

Another highlight of this project is the partitions NAYADA - Hufcor G3000.

In addition to creating a special style in the room, NAYADA - Hufcor G3000 offers an incredible opportunity for zoning the office. NAYADA - Hufcor allow you to make the most of the space at your disposal. Sliding partitions are sections which are moved on special roller hangers on the ceiling rails and stored in special parking lots. When assembled, the structure is indistinguishable from stationary walls. In this design solution, the partition sections are made of durable tempered glass.