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The new, bright, non-standard project was implemented by NAYADA company.

16 / 06 / 2020

About a year ago, together with the management company GLeeds Ukraine and the European architectural company Bates (Bulgaria), NAYADA began working on three new office spaces for one of the world's leading IT-companies - ORACLE. The new projects are located in 3 cities of Ukraine - Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odessa.

IT sphere is a way of progressive and extraordinary solutions, that's why the requirements to the office of the customer were great - the main task was to create a comfortable, modern, meeting the high standards of the customer's office.

In new, modern offices, soundproofing is an important aspect in creating comfortable working conditions for employees. But since the interior of the office implied the maximum visual openness, a non-standard decision to implement partitions was taken. We installed partitions with double glazing, which provided increased sound insulation, and the absence of a framework between the glasses - the maximum openness of the office premises.

The next step in creating a stylish and comfortable office was to install doors. There were no doubts, the choice fell on the doors NAYADA-Intero, the type of this product was chosen for projects in Kharkov and Dnipro. Doors Intero - an elegant detail of modern office interior. Double all-glass door leaf - own development NAYADA, which has no analogues in Ukraine. Due to the narrow supporting profile the whole construction looks light and elegant, does not confuse the space and makes the interior more open. 2 glasses fixed to the profile give the frame the necessary rigidity and provide perfect geometry. These aluminium single and double glazed doors are installed in wall openings and glass partitions.

Also in offices located in Kharkov and Dnepr were installed systems of transformable acoustic walls NAYADA-HUFCOR in semi-automatic version. NAYADA-HUFCOR office sliding partition walls are progressive, reliable and economical solution for independent space zoning. In just five minutes you can turn a spacious open space office into several isolated offices.

For the project in Odessa, the ORMAN Lux 1-circuit gantry-beam system was chosen, which allowed optimizing the total budget of three projects.
To date, all projects have been built and are being put into operation.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach to the organization of the interior, we were able to create the most comfortable and modern office for productive work.